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A Brief Biography

Tunc Devrim Yoldas, a composer, songwriter, guitarist, and arranger, was born into a renowned family of musicians in Istanbul, Turkey, in July 1977. Yoldas embarked on his musical education at an early age under the guidance of his father, Ergüder Yoldaş. Initially, his primary focus lay in classical guitar and classical composition techniques, which he pursued until 2004. However, after years of studying classical music, he made the decision to enter the commercial music industry as a session guitarist, arranger, and composer.

Since 2014, Mr. Yoldaş has been composing for his mother, Nur Yoldaş. He currently resides in Istanbul. His most recent release, "Masal" (Fairy Tale), earned him the Best World Music Song Award at the 2017 Hollywood Songwriting Contest. Furthermore, "Masal" was a finalist at the UK Songwriting Contest 2017 and a semi-finalist at the USA Songwriting Contest in the World Music category.

Presently, Yoldaş is actively working on new songs for Nur Yoldaş and composing for modern chamber orchestras. His main sources of inspiration stem from ethnic music and the classical music of the common practice period.

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